Chandrakant Shete


Chandrakant Shete popularly known as Chandu is one of the best Marathi commentators the country has ever seen in the field of Tennis Cricket. Chandu, who resides in Ghakopar, has been very interested in cricket since childhood, apart from this his love for tennis cricket has contributed to his shining career in the field of tennis cricket.

chandrakant-shete-1-1Since last 6 years he has been commentating in many parts of Maharashtra, thereby winning hearts of organizers and audience alike. His experience of years have given him in depth knowledge of new and old cricketers and their records, thereby transferring the same to the audience. Precisely put, he is capable of holding cricket lovers on the field.

BCCI’s Ravi Sawant himself praised him by saying that there are hardly any commentators of this level in Tennis Cricket. He recommended him to join All India Radio.


Name : Chandrakant Bhanudas Shete

Birth date : 12 December 1980

City : Mumbai

State : Maharashtra

Profession : Executive  officer in cargo shipping pvt.