Omkar N Shete

    omkar shete commentator

    In 2015, luck by chance Omkar who was scoring in a tournament got the opportunity to comment when the main commentator was absent for some reason. And this opportunity turned into a profession today. Omkar Shete who started his commentary career as passionate tennis ball cricket fan is now one of the best young commentators in the fraternity. His analysis, deep knowledge of the game kept him different than others. In 2016, when got invitations from nearby villages in Dombivli and Raigad district, he became more and more professional in his approach and now he is one of the most demanded commentators in Thane.

    Personal Detail:
    Full Name: Omkar N Shete
    Date of Birth: 02 October 1996
    Current City: Waklan, Dombivli
    Profession: Cricket Commentator
    Major Tournaments: Late. Ratanbuva Patil Trophy, Garmin World cup Nilje, Hinduhriday Samrat Joveli, and Khasdar Chashak  Bhiwandi

    Favorite Players: Bhavesh Pawar, Jayesh Patil, Vishwjeet Thakur, Ketan Mhatre and off course – Virat Kohli