Tushar Babli Naik

    tushar naik

    A die-heart cricket fan since the age of 2 started playing cricket from his school days. He used to get up early and practices on the ground before the school starts and used o stay even after school. Sometimes, he used to miss the lectures in school. He also used to watch cricket games on television. His passion and love since his childhood turned to take this game as a career option for Tushar and now he is one of the best cricket commentators in Goa. His hard work took him to 10PL – one of the biggest and prestigious tennis ball cricket tournaments in Sharjah, UAE as he believed there is no shortcut to success.

    Personal Detail:
    Full Name
    : Tushar Babli Naik
    Date of Birth: 24 October 1981
    Current City: Panji, Goa
    Profession: Cricket Commentator
    Major Tournaments: 10PL, Goa Super League