Ajith Puthran


Ajit Puthran Sir, as he is fondly called in the world of Tennis cricket is one of the greatest bowlers we’ve seen. His attitude of doing whatever he commits was very well known. he has played for ac teams of his time like: Shashi Bright, Playboy, Pressi etc. He entered commercial cricket in the year 1989 and ever since he was known for taking his team to unimaginable victories.

An extremely interesting incident that is sure to give every tennis cricket lover goose bumps is when his team ‘Shashi Bright’ was playing against Hariram. His team batted first and gave a target of 57 to the opponents. They needed 7 runs in an over and he came to rescue. But in the very first ball he gave away a six, thanks to the fielder who caught the ball with one leg on the boundary.
Ajit sir’s team had lost 6 wickets while the opponents had only lost 3. Technically, the match was lost. Because, now all that the opponents had to do is stay on the field and keep wicket intact. The umpire was about to declare the match, when Ajit sir interfered and said he wants to bowl. And to everyone’s surprise, the MAN took 4 wickets in the next 4 balls and the match was won.


Name : Ajit  Puthran

Birth date 01/07/1963

City : Goregaon , Mumbai

State : Maharashtra


Played Duration  : 1979 to 1997

Roll in Team : Bowler

Bowling Style : Right arm

Favorite Boll : Leg-break  & Yorker