Wednesday, December 11, 2019
10 final 2018video

REWIND: 10PL Final 2018, Alliance v Yash Bisya Lions

No doubt, tennis ball cricket has reached its highest level. There are several tennis ball cricket leagues all over the world but 10pl...
mumbai v raigad uk tigervideo

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Mumbai v Raigad in UK Tiger Championship

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Mumbai v Raigad in UK Tiger Championship 2015

Jeet Bhoir smacks 5 sixes in 5 balls and wins 23000 cash price

Waklan star Jeet Bhoir is known for his big hits. In Mayur Group Chashak 2018 he recorded five balls five sixes against Chinchavali. Sachin...
Krishna Satpute in 9PL Keralavideo

When Krishna Satpute captivates the Kerala crowd

Having played a crucial role as an opener in his career, Krishna Satpute won the hearts of the Kerala crowd earlier this year....
Bharat Loharvideo

ThrowbackThursday: Bharat Lohar at Kerala Indoor Cricket Tournament

Its Thursday and we bring you the memories from Kerala Indoor Cricket Tournament back in 2016. India’s ICC CRIIIO Cup-winning captain Bharat...
aakash tarekar batting in zishan trophyvideo

Aakash Tarekar shines in Bijapur, Karnataka

Bijapur, Karnataka: Raigad’s wonder boy Aakash Tarekar shines in recently concluded Zishan Trophy 2019 in Bijapur, Karnataka. Representing Kanan CC (Ding Dong...
Vikhrolians vs Sandy SPvideo

HIGHLIGHTS Vikhrolians v Sandy SP nail-biting finish, Turbhe Chashak 2019

In a nail-biting game that finished in a tie, Vikhrolians won the battle on the rule of compulsory chase in Turbhe Chashak 2019....
suhas pawarvideo

Suhas Pawar shines with his magical spin bowling in Turbhe Chashak

On Sunday, when Bhumi XI Bonkode retains the prestigious Turbhe Chashak 2019 organized by Bhushan Patil’s Side Boys team, one bowler helped the winners...
dinu kamble player of the tournament

Dinu Kamble player of the tournament at Turbhe Chashak 2019

Ambernath all-rounder Dinu Kamble once again played a crucial role in Bhumi XI Bonkode’s title win at Turbhe Chashak 2019 on Sunday (August 25)....
siraj chaudhary bowlingvideo

Siraj Chaudhary defends 3 runs in last over against Sandy SP

Suraj Chaudhary defends 3 runs in last over against Sandy SP