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Tournament Name :- Legend Trophy 2018 Live | Bhatwadi , Ghatkopar (DAY 1)
Venue : Bhatwadi , Ghatkopar , mumbai
Date : 9 & 10 Jun 2018

Get Ready for the Legends Trophy 2018

Mumbai: In its fifth season, Akhil Bhatwadi Sports Club, Ghatkopar West organized the legends trophy is all set to take place at Dattaji Salvi Sports Stadium at Bhatwadi Nagar. All eyes of tennis ball cricket fans are on this trophy – the first of this kind rubber-ball tournaments in Mumbai.

The organizers of this prestigious tournament are always faithful to tennis-ball cricket legends where their motto is to gather the legends in tennis-ball cricket in it prime time and to felicitate that legend on a single stage. Also, those legends who are turning into their half-centuries of the life are getting chance to celebrate their life event through this tournament in front of thousands of crowd.

One thing this tournament has taught is the discipline. Organizing the tournament well in time, all players and officials on ground 30 minutes before the start of the game, making sure each game of six to eight overs, no hesitations or tu tu mai mai with umpires are regular norms of this tournament.

Through this tournament, the crowd from entire cricketing fraternity have seen golden jubilee of legends like Umesh Manjrekar, Shekhar Pednekar, Sandeep Dalvi, Madhukar Sonawane, Umesh Malvankar, Sunil Indulkar, Santosh Jagtap, Suresh Gadekar and many more.

And this year too, the crowd will enjoy such ceremony of legends Chandrakant Shinde, Karunakaran Kotiyan, Bharat Waghela, Shyam Wagle, Vijay Talekar.

Like earlier seasons, this tournament too, will be telecated live on for free with ball-by-ball updates and in-depth stats of the each game.

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