Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ajith Puthran Made History in Tennis Ball Cricket World

Ajit Puthran Sir, as he is fondly called in the world of Tennis cricket is one of the greatest bowlers we’ve seen. His attitude of doing whatever he commits was very well known. He has played for ac teams of his time like: Shashi Bright, Playboy, Pressi etc. He entered commercial cricket in the year 1989 and ever since...

Draw (Lots ) – legend Trophy 2018 , Ghatkopar

Day 1 - Saturday   9 - 6- 2018 1 ) Dinesh Xi ( Umesh Xi ) Vs Striker kanjurmarg 2 ) Sai gayatri  VS Shree XI 3) Trident  VS Poojari Tigers 4 ) Bhavesh Xi ( Umar )   VS Winners Xi (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});  Day - 2  SUNDAY - 10 / 6 / 2018 1 ) madhu Xi Vs V. K Pratishthan 2...

Poojary Tigers Won Amdar chashak 2016 at Ghatkoper, Mumbai

Tournament : Amdar Chashak 2016 Venue : Ghatkoper, mumbai Date : 14 & 15 May 2016 Prize Ceremony First Prize Poojary Tigers Rs.1,00,000/- & Trophy Second Prize Bandya Boys Rs.50,000/- & Trophy Man Of The Series Jayesh Washing Machine & Trophy Best Batsman                         Naresh Chawla (Pappe) LED TV & Trophy Best Bowler Babu (Poojary Tigers) Mixer Grinder & Trophy

Unbelievable – Bowling with Two Fingers Only

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Chheda Nagar Tournament Won by Team F89

Tournament : Chedda Nagar Tournament 2016 Location : Chheda Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai Prize Ceremony First Prize F89 Second Prize Patil XI Trombay Man Of The Series Yogesh Bhagat (Gyarow) Best Batsman Hrishikesh Vaidya Best  Bowler Vishwajit Thakur (Mothya)

Umar XI Won Samarth Janaseva Chashak 2016 at Andheri-Mumbai

Tournament : Samartha Janseva Chashak 2016 Venue : DN Nagar, Andheri - mumbai Date : 14 & 15 May 2016 Prize Ceremony First Prize Umar XI Rs.1,00,000/- & Trophy Second Prize Ganesh Galli Rs.50,000/- & Trophy Man of the Series Rahul Dube Rs.7,000/- & Trophy Best Batsma                                       Ashraf Khan Rs.5,000/- & Trophy Best Bowler Gopendra Bohra Rs.5,000/- & Trophy

Vikhrolians Team Won Bhagava Chashak 2016 at Girgaon, Mumbai

Tournament Name : Bhagava Chashak 2016 Location : Girgaon, Mumbai Date : 8-05-2016 Prize Ceremony  First Prize Vikhrolians Rs.50,000/- & Trophy Second Prize Uk Tiger Ghatkoper Rs.25,000/- & Trophy Man Of The Series Hrishikesh Vaidya Trophy Best Batsman Manish Singh Trophy Best Bowler Rehman Khan Trophy

Shivshakti Pale Won Shivsena Pramukh Chashak 2016 at Kalachowky

Tournament :  Shivsena Pramukh Chashak 2016 Place : Kalachowky, Mumbai Prize Ceremony First Prize Shivshakti Pale Rs.1,00,000/- & Trophy Second Prize Brahma Boys Rs.50,000/- & Trophy Man Of The Series Nikhil Pawar Trophy Best Batsman Sandeep Acharya Trophy Best  Bowler Rahul Jogadia Trophy Photos